Move More, Exercise Less

Movement education at Body Wisdom Studio is a whole-body, whole-life approach to your health. We practice corrective exercises designed by Katy Bowman, nationally recognized biomechanist and author of the new bestselling book Dynamic Aging. We master movement skills that improve body alignment.  Our new skills become our new habits. Our new habits improve how we walk, stand, sit, bend, reach, squat, lift and twist all day. It is the quality of our daily movements that dictates our quality of health, mobility, mental alertness, attitude and our quality of life as we age.  Want to be healthy, strong and agile when you are age 90? Start now. Join us, move better!


Our mission is to empower people with the knowledge, skills and motivation to regain pain-free natural movement, optimal body alignment, improved health, increased strength and reduced muscle and joint pain at any age.

I have never attended a studio where the instructor had such depth of knowledge, such a supportive and inspiring style, and where the other women created community with all.
Karlyn Strand
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