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Nancy Allen Burns, Founder

Nancy Allen Burns, Founder

I am Nancy Allen Burns, founder.  My mission is to promote fitness through pain-free movement, lightness of spirit and healthy aging.

My practice specializes in corrective exercise and health coaching. I'm a Restorative Exercise Specialist-Certified Personal Trainer RES-CPT certified by Nutritious Movement under the direction of Katy Bowman M.S.  Check out Katy's latest book Dynamic Aging.

I had a private practice offering personal training and massage therapy when I began training with Katy Bowman in 2006. My head exploded with excitement about her whole-body, whole-life approach to the health benefits of natural movement.   I learned how people, myself included then at age 58, can be very fit, strong, and still be not-well. I also learned how we can be fit, strong, pain free, healthy and enhance our longevity through wellness.  Our body adapts to our movement habits; how well and how often we move.  My skill is teaching you new movement habits that elicit positive body change and enhance quality of life. 

During the past twelve years I've enjoyed extensive training with many wonderful teachers that deepened my understanding of human movement including the M.E.L.T Method, Stott Pilates, Roll Model Method, TRX® Sports Medicine Training and six years as a Certified Massage Therapist. 

I feel the instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. The many Outdoor Classes in my schedule offers you a perfect opportunity to thrive in your wellness, connect with nature, get stronger and get a little bit dirty.  

Join me – you’ll love what you do!