Outdoor Classes

Do you want to be strong, agile and independent with you're 90+ years old?  How you choose to move your body today determines your ability to move your body in later years.  The only fountain-of-youth is full body natural movement - as often as possible. 

Every Tuesday at 6:00 AM and Saturday at 6:30 AM we leave Point Richmond headed for Mt. Tamalpais.  Each hike has it's own unique beauty. Hikes are challenging and rewarding. On Tuesday we end our hike at 8:30 AM and on Saturday we end and 10:30 AM. 

From May to October we hike in the Pt. Richmond hills on Thursday from 6:00 - 7:30 PM ending with 30 minutes of Restorative Exercise.

 Prerequisite for Mt. Tam hikes: Participants in the Mt.Tamalpais adventures must be able to hike at least 5 miles on Tuesday, 6-8 miles on Saturday.  So start walking Now!