Private Sessions

If you want a comprehensive understanding of how your current skeletal alignment and movement habits are contributing to your movement issues then working one-on-one with Nancy should be high on your list.  

With her articulate and non-judgmental communication style Nancy teaches you effective, scientifically based corrective exercises designed to meet your goals.  You’ll learn how to transform your exercises into new movement habits that fit your lifestyle. 

To keep you on track and motivated following your session you’ll receive photos with detailed instructions for each corrective exercises in your new movement practice. 

Private appointments are all about you and your goals.

Don't live nearby? No problem you can work with Nancy on Skype.

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Initial Fitness Assessment with Nancy                       

90 minutes / $150 including exercise prescription and photos
During your Initial Fitness Assessment we do a comprehensive assessment of your skeletal alignment and movement habits and I'll demonstrate how they may be contributing to issues that concern you. Based on this assessment I'll prescribe corrective exercises to address your goals. We'll practice each exercise to insure you have a throrough understanding of the how and why of each movement and how to fit these new movement habits into your lifestyle for lasting improvement biophilia.

The 90 minute session includes photos of each exercise with detailed instructions for your home practice. This keeps you on track and motivated.  Feel free to check-in with me in the weeks after your session if you have additional questions.


Private Training with Nancy

30 minutes /  $55
A short 30-minute session is best used to review information covered in a previous session or something you experienced in group class. We review what is working and what is not and what changes will enhance your practice.  It is a great way to stay motivated, assess your progress and deepen your understanding of your movement and your corrective exercises.

45 minutes /  $75
The 45-minute session is perfect for one-on-one TRX Suspension Training or a follow-up Restorative Exercise alignment session.  Working one-on-one with Nancy is the best way to understand your unique needs, learn your optimal corrective exercises and the fastest way for you to make progress toward your goals and stay motivated.

60 minutes /  $95 including exercise prescription and photos
A 60-minute private session is good choice to promote continued learning. Your body (and your mind) adapts to your new movement habits and as your body changes your corrective exercises can be refined to meet your needs.

90 minutes / $150 including exercise prescription and photos
90-minute session working one-on-one is a good choice if you live far away and need to maximize infrequent visits. 


Private Training Package Discount

use within 1 year


6-Session Package (60 min) / $513

10-Session Package (45-min) / $750


Private TRX Suspension Training with Nancy


45 Minutes / $75

60 Minutes / $95


Schedule your private training session:

My first private Restorative Exercise session with Nancy was nothing short of miraculous. I had been dealing with chronic and severe mid-back pain for two years. I went to physical therapy, two chiropractors and all kinds of bodywork. Nothing was relieving the pain. After one session with Nancy my pain was significantly diminished and after two sessions it was gone!
— Mignon Johnson

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