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Fee: $38.00

What if?

What if how old you feel in your body is more defined by how you move than by your age?  What if you could feel younger, stronger and move better as you age just by learning to move better now? This is my experience and that of my four friends in this book, all in their late 70's.   We've transformed our bodies and lives using the exercises and lifestyle modifications in their book.  Now you can learn how.  

Who should attend this workshop?
Everyone benefits from this workshop. Here are just some of the specific movement issues we'll explore and more:

- the can't-be-overstated importance of healthy feet

- knee and hip replacements

- pelvic floor issues - men and women
- the importance of regaining your heigh

- maintaining and regaining bone density

- balance, stability and getting over fear of falling

- getting stronger and maintaining strength

- what if you must sit for your job
- aging at a cellular level

 The Dynamic Aging Workshop is for people of any age who want to learn exercises and lifestyle habits (and mindset) to maximize their mobility, maintain balance, increase strength and age with grace.

Move More, Exercise Less

Registration limited to 15 - Register early and receive your book.  Knees a little cranky?  No worries - you are not required to be on your hands and knees.

Dynamic Aging book is available at the studio, Amazon and directly from Katy.

Please register here.